D'you reckon when Benedict Cumberbatch stops playing Sherlock he'll regenerate?
Why did it take Voldemort so long to use the killing curse on Harry when Lucius tries to use it in Chamber of Secrets?

Oh god the amount of people that I have seen on here that have clearly not read the end of the article of Peter Dinklage leaving GoT is stupidly high. I guess some people have never heard of April Fools.

"Have you heard the tale of Mathieu Bellamo…"

As a matter of fact I have when you told me the last 5000 fucking times, now would you please shut the fuck up Lucien because I’m trying to sneak. 

My thoughts every time this happens.

A great job would be someone who goes around Facebook or a social networking site just printing statuses off that say things like:

"I don’t care that i’m 12 and i’ve already had an abortion, just as long as my parents don’t find out".

Then going to the person’s parent’s house and handing them the status saying “Your kid just got served”. Then stroll down the road whistling.   

I think that’s my dream job, just to see the angry look on the mum’s face and the little kid bricking it. Damn I hate those shitbags. 


I might actually be crying I’m laughing so hard

It was the part when Gav did a magic trick that made me laugh!

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My favourite Easter Egg of the year by far has to be the Assassin’s Creed Easter egg in Farcry 3.

I don’t know why it just gives me goosebumps that they’re in the same Ubiverse. (See what I did there :D remember you heard it from me first)